Magic Social Media Marketing Services at Your Fingertips!

About PewPewMagic

We are about building interactive and SEO-optimized websites and selling social media marketing magic. PewPewMagic is simple to use and requires no personal information beyond an email to order.

For the time being, this website accepts crypto, such as Bitcoin. We give 10% off all orders paying with crypto to offset purchase fees and gas fees. If you need assistance getting started in the crypto space, we will gladly help you!

Contact us if you want to purchase our social media marketing services with another payment medium, such as a credit card. We have a VIP website for select customers who need this payment feature.

More About Us

  • Mission

    To provide you with reliable and stable high-quality social media marketing tools and services. All orders have a guaranteed start time when order forms are filled out correctly.
  • Privacy

    There's no need to sign up on this website or create an account to make an order. Working with us is very simple, as all we need is a publicly available social media link to process any request on this website.
  • Customer Support

    We want you to have a magical experience when working with us. Our chat is always open to chat about our services, and we have a very simple contact form to fill out if you have any issues with your order.
  • Instant Order Processing

    Orders are automatically processed with our system and delivery typically starts within minutes after checking out. We are transparent as possible with delivery start times which are marked on each service's pages.
  • About Custom Packages

    We can tailor most services to be sold as a subscription based service. In this case, please contact us. We will need to know the number of upcoming posts you'd like services delivered to, or in the case of followers, we can set up a delivery schedule based on your needs.
  • VIP Service

    If you would like to load an account to make purchases from, we have this option available on our VIP website. This is perfect for agencies, businesses, and users who make larger orders and do not use crypto.