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  • Orders generally begin delivering in 1-4 hours.

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Info About Instagram Followers

Buy Instagram Followers in a snap from PewPewMagic. Follower deliveries usually start instantly after ordering. Reach out to our team if you have any questions about this service or accessing our VIP store.

We offer low prices for Instagram Followers; packages start at less than $1 per 100 followers.  Our store provides several follower solutions, which range in quality, so prices fluctuate depending on your needs.

Our social media marketing store does not require personal information to process orders; you only need to provide a functional email that you have access to. Furthermore, our store features low and flat prices so you can fully control the quantity of the service you’d like to purchase. Contact us about more extensive social media marketing packages or custom-subscription-based solutions for this service. Keep reading for more details.

Buy Instagram Followers with a profile link.

  • Link example:
  • To find the link on your app, go to your Instagram account and click on the “Share Profile” button. Choose “Copy Link” and paste it into the order form. Alternatively, copy the link from your browser’s address bar after visiting your profile.

Instagram Followers usually start instantly.

We periodically review orders to ensure they start as quickly as possible. Our team also emails clients when we notice issues with an order.

Instagram Followers Prices:

*10 Instagram Followers – $0.1

*100 Instagram Followers – $1

*250 Instagram Followers – $2.5

*500 Instagram Followers – $5

*1000 Instagram Followers – $10

*2500 Instagram Followers – $25

*5000 Instagram Followers – $50

*10000 Instagram Followers – $100

*20000 Instagram Followers – $200

*We have several services which can help an account reach over 1M followers. Contact us for details.

Order Rules

Making a purchase is effortless and straightforward. Ultimately, for orders to process smoothly, you must submit the proper link for the service you are ordering, not run multiple orders on the same link simultaneously, and your account and content must be publicly accessible throughout the order process. Continue reading for more details.

Orders are automatically processed and cannot be cancelled.

Our system automatically processes orders; thus, they cannot be cancelled once purchased. Therefore, be certain of the URL you are providing us with before checking out. An example of the correct link to submit is always present and you can always contact our team for help.

Therefore, there are no refunds when the wrong link is submitted and the order is still processed; for example, if you send likes to another active post, or if you send followers to another active account, we cannot refund the order.

Orders have an estimated delivery start time, not completion time.
Our priority is getting your social media marketing packages to start delivering as quickly as possible. We mark the estimated speed of delivery to help you understand what you are ordering.
All orders must be made to a publicly available profile or post.
All services on this website must be sent to publicly available accounts and posts for orders to deliver and complete fully. If your account or post becomes private before delivery or in the middle of delivery, your order will not be refunded. Therefore, understand that your order will be marked as complete when you change the availability of your profile or posts before or during delivery unless contacting us prior.
Only make one order of a service, per link, at any given time.
Placing more than one order on the same link, from a given service, may cause all orders to be delayed. Also important is that overlapping orders may increase the probability of the service(s) under-delivering. Ultimately, understand that we cannot guarantee a delivery start time or whether the service will be delivered fully when orders are stacked.
Checkout with an accessible email.

We made it very simple and straightforward to buy social media marketing services from our store. We need no information beyond an email and social media link to process orders.

Payment Options
Our VIP store offers cryptocurrency and credit card payments. In addition, for Canadian customers, we offer E-transfers!
Subscription Packages
Most services can be made into subscription based packages to suit different goals. Please reach out if you are interested in a subscription to this social media marketing service.
Customer Support
Contact us by chat or order form to get a fast response from our team.